The Real Racial Divide

National Urban League, March 12, 2009

National Urban League, March 12, 2009

Michael F. Potter, in his seminal work, noted studies showing that the racial stereotypes and myths about African Americans and other residents of white-imposed ghettos were the result of historical and cultural ignorance.

This ‘residential segregation’, in turn, fostered a belief that such minorities were (and are) less intelligent, lazier, and generally more inferior (than whites).

The true culprit may in fact have been (and still may be) malnutrition. Consider the diet of slaves in the Deep South pre-1870, where the luxury of meat was most likely once a week at best and consisted of the leftover parts of the pig – ham hocks, fried pork rinds, etc.

The same ‘dumbing down’ is still going on today, but now it occurs among the poor of every color. The food is GMO-based, which is more affordable than organic produce or field-raised meat, but its results can be seen in an increasingly sick and insensible portion of humanity: those at the bottom, who now as always eat at the bottom of the USDA food pyramid, when they eat at all.


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